How to color damaged hair with Sanotint hair care

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Sometimes we go overboard with the chemicals and the heated styling tools, don’t we? If your hair is a little worse for wear, you may be wondering if you’ll have to nix the hair color for a while. The answer will depend on just how frazzled your hair really is.

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Can It Be Done?

So your hair is less than the picture of perfect health. OK, you can still work with that. As long as your hair isn’t breaking-off falling-out damaged, it is possible to still color your hair. But you need to be as gentle and cautious as possible. You certainly don’t want to make a bad situation worse, so you have to tread lightly.

Pre-Color Care

The first thing you need to do is get your hair in better shape before any color touches it. The treatment you use depends on how badly damaged your hair is. Is it just dry, with a touch of frizz, but not seriously split or breaking off? If so, a good-quality deep-conditioning treatment done once a week for two weeks will make a big difference. If, on the other hand, you do have split ends and breakage, you need to reach for a hair reconstructor. It’s like a conditioner on steroids and will use protein to actually patch up your broken hair. Getting your hair ready for color when it’s this damaged might take a little longer. Don’t rush the process — keep with the conditioner until your hair feels and looks healthier.

Sanotint hair conditioner is ideal for treated or brittle hair

What Types of Color to Use

If you can get away with using a semi-permanent hair color instead of a permanent one, then go for it. Semi-permanent hair colors are super-gentle on your hair, and sometimes even have a conditioner built in to really pamper your hair. If you have to cover a lot of gray hair or you want to go with a lighter hair color than you’re currently sporting, then you’ll have to go for a permanent hair color. Just don’t try to bleach your hair — that will spell disaster.

After Care

Permanent hair color, especially if you went lighter, could have further dried out your hair. Be sure to reach for the conditioning treatment again and pamper your hair for the next few weeks by conditioning it once a week. You’d be wise to use any heated styling tools sparingly, as these culprits that can cause even more damage to already fragile hair. Here you find a list of gentle hair shampoos and conditioners


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