Coffee is an addiction and can make you fat!

May 25, 2014 The Healthy Guy Happiness and SuccessHormonal Balance

Happiness may 2014A friend in his fifties works out and eats well and looks good. He started drinking just one single cup of coffee a day, because he loved the stimulant and euphoric effect it had. After a while he noticed that maybe 3 or 4 hours after drinking a cup of coffee he had a ravenous hunger. He would then eat a small meal he would normally not eat, and add a good 600 to 800 calories a day to his caloric intake. It won’t surprise you that he gained five pounds no matter how hard he worked out and how well he ate. These five pounds were concentrated right in his waist and stomach. His blood sugar level had soared to 95. His GTT (glucose tolerance test) came back at 120 rather than about 100. His insulin and blood sugar were out of kilter. He finally had to give the coffee up, and soon went back to his usual 170 pounds at six feet.

An issue of Woman’s World had an article on the cover “Is Coffee Making You Fat?” The article was very enlightening. The owner of a famous and ritzy New York City restaurant started drinking coffee at the age of 30 to give her energy for her busy day of food management. She started eating everything she could find and got fat as a pig. She joined weight loss groups and went on diets, but as long as she drank the coffee she kept getting fatter. She finally went to a holistic nu-tritionist who told her to stop drinking any coffee at all. She gave up the coffee and starting eating better foods. Her hunger was reduced, and she went back to her normal weight in about six months.

One nutritionist said, “Coffee is associated with a lot of behaviors known to cause weight gain, like sleeplessness and stress.” Other people have found they gained weight when drinking coffee regularly, but just couldn’t imagine the connection. Even though coffee is a stimulant, it increases your appetite in the end. Coffee has no fat and no calories basically. Other natural plant stim-ulants like guarana and yerba mate are “lesser evils” but still contain the same amount of caf-feine. If used daily they will cause the same effects over time. Ephedrine is much stronger and should not be used at all. Cocaine is the most overrated and addictive drug on earth. “Natural” doesn’t mean it is good for you. Nature produces an abundance of poisons.

The Health GuyCoffee makes us desire high calorie and fatty foods. This was studied in a clinical setting where subjects were given coffee, tea, or cola. Only the coffee drinkers chose higher fat foods like bacon, eggs, and butter. Just consider the fact coffee just doesn’t “go with” healthy low fat foods like green salads, fresh fruit, or a bowl of oatmeal. Coffee increases our secretion of insulin and raises blood sugar. These have a big effect on fat storage. High insulin and blood sugar wrecks your health at the core. They also decrease your very lifespan. Often coffee (and energy drink) drinkers can’t sleep well. Lack of good sleep, which further raises insulin levels. It gets worse… coffee also raises cortisol levels, and we all know cortisol is the “stress hormone”. High levels have very negative effects on us. The ideal is low normal cortisol levels.

This column has covered the dangers of coffee previously in “Is Coffee Great of What?” Heart and artery disease, high cholesterol, higher cancer rates, arthritis and inflammation, obesity, poor sleep, and reduced lifespan are just some of problems proven to be connected with drinking coffee, or using any form of caffeine daily.

The real problem is that coffee is ADDICTIVE. People who drink coffee or energy drinks daily are physically dependent on it; they’re hooked. They don’t have a choice anymore, not an easy choice anyway. Addiction to anything is enslavement, even caffeine.

What can you do to stop? Wanting to stop is the first step. You must want to stop being addicted. Yes, coffee feels great. Yes, you can do a lot of work, and often you can do even better work on coffee. Yes, coffee is legal, cheap, and ubiquitous- it’s everywhere. Yes, coffee is a national passion and accepted by all levels of our society. Yes, everyone else is hooked. Coffee drinkers feel they somehow have a common bond.

There are no Magic Fixes. You just have to stop. You can drink herb tea, decaffeinated green tea, or something else to have something hot to drink at work. Taking guarana and yerba mate occasionally and temporarily can help you get off coffee, but these are not health tonics as some claim. They’re lesser evils and also addictive.

If you are drinking coffee the chances are you are overweight, and the coffee is a big factor in this. The only answer is to stop. No more coffee. No more drug dependence. No more caffeine highs, and no more coffee powered days. Do you to your health, to your vitality amd happiness.


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