The power of having a purpose in your life.

July 22, 2014 The Healthy Guy Happiness and Success

If you are having difficulty getting work done or reaching your goals, I suggest that you spend some time energizing them with the power of purpose. With a clear reason why connected to each goal, you will have the juice to move you forward to break through the inevitable distractions or excuses that can get in your way.

iStock_000030560644SmallThese steps will help you achieve your goal:

  1. State your goal so you have a clear outcome. 
  2. Define your purpose. Spend time identifying why this goal is important for you. List as many reasons as you can think of.
  • Get clear on what you will gain by achieving this result
  • Get clear on what will happen if you do not achieve this result.
  • Think about how your purpose will impact other important people in your life. (your family, customers, leadership team, friends, etc). This will help you to see the bigger impact that achieving this goal can have on your world and will often provide the impetus to take actions that are outside of your comfort zone.

Now, let’s take a common goal and anchor it with a purpose:
Execution Goal/Outcome: I must lose 20 lbs by Dec 31, 2014.
Purpose: Ask – Why must I achieve my outcome?

  1. I must lose weight so my clothes will fit better.
  2. I must lose weight so I can increase my energy and feel better.
  3. I must lose weight so I will have more energy, need less sleep and have more time with my family.
  4. I must lose weight and master health so I can climb a fourteener (mountain) with my children when we go on vacation.
  5. I must live a healthy weight and lifestyle to increase my lifespan to enjoy my grandchildren and see them get married and established in their lives.
  6. I must live a healthy weight and lifestyle to increase my lifespan to play with my great grandchildren.
  7. I must become a master of nutrition and energy to guarantee that my children grow up with health, exercise, nutrition and absolute 100% vitality ingrained into their psyche so they never have to deal with obesity, lethargy, addiction, disease, illness or prescription medication.

Business nature powerAs you build on your purpose, you will find one that becomes the ultimate fuel for the accomplishment of your goal. It is the REAL reason you want to achieve this goal. It will keep you in action no matter what the circumstances. In this case, purpose # 7 is by far the most powerful version. Tied to this purpose, you will want to jump out of bed in the morning and creatively work through any obstacles that get in your way.

To your health and Happiness!


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